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Why it adds up to 10 (Q-10)

Posted by vicki l.

My mom, who is the queen of all things healthy, has been sending me Q-10 pills for years now, and I've been taking them daily and using creams that contain it for my skin as well (because she told me to). The other day, when a friend had a migraine, I found myself saying, "You should be taking Q-10 pills for that." "Why?" he asked. Um, good question. Why indeed. So when I looked into it (which I should have done from the beginning), I discovered that Q-10 has been well studied and seems to have some very positive benefits, such as: It's an antioxidant; it's viewed as an anti-aging agent (thus my skin creams); it may be helpful in the treatment of breast cancer; it may boost cardiovascular health; it may help reverse the effects of Alzheimer's and memory loss; and it helps battle gum disease. Manufactured by the body (just about every cell in our body has it) and stored in the liver, kidneys and heart, it's also found in fish and meat and is essential in helping our body create energy. I don't know about all that, but I will say that many people say how smooth my skin is, and I've been using Q-10 on my skin for about five years (I wish I'd started earlier). As for migraines, I haven't had one in a long time. Could it be?
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Where do you get theses little magic pills? How many do you take a day?
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