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Why Did We Start Pasteurizing Milk? Don't Blame It On The Cow...

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:37pm

I've been using raw dairy products for about 8 months and I'm still sifting through the pros and cons of raw verses pasteurized. The first con I hear about raw milk is that it's unsafe to drink because of the bacteria that kills or makes people sick. I thought this was a feedlot hygiene problem. This is a way bacteria gets into milk because the cows are living in their own waste and there's not a lot of concern about it because the milk will be Pasteurized to get rid of bacteria. The problem starts before "hygiene."

I just watched a new video that tells why the need for milk to be pasteurized and why it's still being pasteurized today. It was very surprising to me. If you can't wait to view Dr. Heidi's video later in this article, here's a direct link:
Raw Milk 2

I can't believe raw milk is actually outlawed in some states. It just doesn't make sense to me how RAW MILK can be banned but other products known to cause death are still legal, think cigarettes and alcohol. Please read this story The Revolution Will Not Be Pasteurized: Inside the raw-milk underground By Nathanael Johnson. It's a lengthy article but well worth the read!

Some of you read this first post I did from Dr. Heidi Dulay about raw milk with a short video taken during a class she's doing.

Credit goes to Kim Klaver for the filming of Dr. Heidi's courses. Kim tells why she decided to make the films public.

Kim said "I made these from Dr. Heidi's course, which I filmed. The raw milk topic comprised perhaps 30 minutes of her 20 hour program.

I was so appalled when I heard the milk stories that I decided to make mini video clips so you could see the kinds of things that drive one person's vision of health. And how to get it back with little things - like adding raw milk into your diet. Regular pasteurized milk is like synthetic vitamins - no nutritive value. So why drink it at all?

Spreading this around might give someone pause before they reach for the next gallon of boiled (pasteurized), nutritionally empty, milk."

Dr. Heidi first blew us away when she gave the secret for the Kenyan runners eating raw dairy and winning so many races. Then she was kind enough to share tidbits from her classes this past Spring. We have two videos about Raw Milk. Everything you see in these videos are part of a 20-hour University course in nutrition given by Dr. Heidi Dulay in California this spring.

Part One: Raw Milk Secrets
Direct Link: Raw Milk Secrets

In Part Two Dr. Heidi explains why milk had to be pasteurized in the first place. Then think about what Elsie has to say, it's so easy to understand, at least now.

Part Two Video: Raw Milk 2
Direct Link

Think about Elsie, the sad cow's life story. It is not her fault that her milk has to be pasteurized to make it safe to drink...

Is it starting to make sense as to why dairy is still being pasteurized? Do you see why many people are going back to natural milk from pastured cows instead of pasteurized milk?

Stay tuned later this week for Part Three on Raw Milk from Dr. Heidi Dulay.

Where can you find raw milk? Try here... Wouldn't it be great if we had the right to choose the food we wanted to buy and consume, like raw milk? What a concept...

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