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Whole Food Nation Pays Shipping For YOU

Posted Sep 20 2009 10:07pm

Online shopping annoyance

I buy a lot of products online and always felt a little cheated over the shipping charges. I would backtrack and compare prices on similar sites. If it was a product I knew and loved I accepted it and figured someone has to pay to ship my stuff to me.

But it doesn't have to be you covering the shipping charge.....

Starting today, "We Pay Shipping for You" (in the US and Canada) is in effect for the whole food multi - Pops, and the new whole food source vitamin B-Complex - Big B from Whole Food Nation.

I know you are asking - What's the catch? Why are you doing this? Did you add to the price to cover?
None of the above.....We suddenly realized that whatever marketing money we might spend on a billboard, or on traffic generation programs, well, we can use that instead to pay the UPS man for you.

Because. We were blind to tradition - that's the way things are done online. But not anymore. Phew!

We love you way more than strangers we don't even know. This is one small way we've finally figured out to show you we are grateful you buy the whole food based vitamins that we've designed ourselves and use ourselves. (Dr. Heidi designed and I get to use, hehehe.)
So that's the story - all facts, all for you - because we value you that much.

Have you experienced having Whole Food Nation pay shipping for YOU?

Whole food multi - Pops here,
Whole food source vitamin B-Complex - Big B here.

Whole Food Vitamins

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