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What the Hoodia?

Posted by Heather J.

Hoodia is a slow-growing succulent plant (not a cactus, as is often misreported), used traditionally as an appetite-suppressing survival food in the deserts of South Africa and Namibia. Now, of course, it’s all the rage as a weight loss aid. Does it work?

While there has been some research on hoodia, there aren’t any known published human clinical trials demonstrating its appetite-suppressing effects.

The quality of hoodia supplements is also questionable. It normally takes at least two to three years for hoodia plants to grow to an adequate size for harvest. But many herb-industry experts believe that the demand for hoodia has probably outpaced the ability of producers to supply it. This means products that vary in potency and quality, with some supplements appearing to contain ingredients that substitute for hoodia. Bottom line, if you’re not going out on a multi-day trek into the South African desert, skip it. Focus on a healthy diet, exercise, and a positive attitude, and leave the snake oil on the shelves. It’ll probably get recalled, anyway.

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Taking Hoodia as a supplement versus out being out in the desert and taking Hoodia to handle a problem of hunger pains is a big difference. Recalled? I don't think so because other diet aids that have been recalled were synthetic. Hoodia is a plant, natural product from earth.
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