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What's in the food you eat?

Posted Oct 15 2008 8:26am
Today I wanted to share a guest post from my niece Nichole, who has just gotten on the real food train. Enjoy... and thanks Nichole for sharing your journey.

Nichole's story:

"First let me say I want to quit smoking, cut out my fast food habits, and all in all get healthy, so I need support on this one."

Has anyone read what's in the foods you eat? I mean really looked? Can you even pronounce half of the words? I know I can't. I love fresh everything and my personal favorite is to make marinara sauce from scratch. No packaged anything.

I admit I don't cook that way all the time, more like hardly ever, but I really do want to again. I have fallen back onto the it's easy and fast meal routine and I can feel the differences in my body. Meals in a box were never my choice but when on a budget you make do. But I crave veggies and fruits.

I have gone through periods when work has caused me to eat fast food for long periods and I have never wanted a salad more. Your body is trying to tell you something.
All the processed junk you put in it is not good for it.

Yea there are organic foods out there, but they still have chemicals in them. Organic peanut butter, has preservatives still right?

Think back on something now, way back when, before doctors and modern day medicine, people got sick, but was cancer around? People had babies without doctors, died without doctors, lived productive lives without doctors.

There is a word for every ailment out there from an allergy to runner's knee. (I have both) And the Dr's want me to take all this prescription stuff for it. Yes, I do take allergy pills, and Tylenol, but if I eat better and cut out all the crap in my diet, I don't get headaches, my nose doesn't stop up.

So now I am kicking myself thinking why do I give in to the fast and easy meals?

My view, I want to keep going to the DR. It has to be that. Why else would we sabotage our bodies the way we do?

Modern Medicine is great, but it has made us lazy. I- like most Americans, am making the Dr's and big corporations richer while ruining my own health.

Well, I for one have had enough of it. Today is a new day, I am going to take control of my own life and eat better to feel better. ---Nichole

Give Nichole your support and keep up with her journey - here's her new blog.

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