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What is vegetable stearate?

Posted by red bird

Magnesium stearate is a potential dangerous chemical, however, some vitamins contain vegetable stearate.  Can anyone tell me about this?


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Magnesium stearate is formed by bonding mangesium ions to stearic acid. It is used in the the manufacturing process of tablets as a lubricant, making the process quicker (and therefore cheaper). There has been one study that linked magnesium stearate to immunosuprression, but the jury is still out.

 Stearic acid is normally taken from beef/lamb fat but can also be derived from vegetable sources - useful if supplement manufacturers want to label their ingredients as 'vegetarian'.

 Regards, Marek - London Nutritionist

Thank you for your reply, however, it did not cover my question regarding the vegetable stearate.  I am very aware of the possible dangers of magnesium stearate but could find little information regarding vegetable stearate.  Does it too have potential negative side effects?  Any studies that you may be aware of on this one?


Regards, Robin

I think it is the same thing as magnesium stearate, just under a different name to trick you. I have some vitamins that have magnesium stearate and then in parenthesis(vegetable grade)
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