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what is the vegetarian source of chondroitin sulfate?

Posted by mollie.g

need vegetarian alternatives for joint pain...
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I've been researching the issue of veggie sources of chondroitin to no avail.  For example,, which makes some good vegetarian joint pain supplements, like hyaluronic acid 100mg, only speaks about animal sources of chondroitin.  Hyaluronic acid  (HA) may be more important than chondroitin for the joints.  Hyamax is another maker of veggie HA and they and Now both utilize bacterial fermentation instead of animal sources.  JointAstin is another good formula that has flax seed oil and other essential micronutrients.  JointAstin and Now Hyaluronic Acid 100mg are available online;  I purchase mine at   The product reviews at the iherb website were positive.

I'll check back here to see if anyone discovers a veggie source of chondroitin.  Meanwhile, I'm committed to exclusivly vegetarian nutritional supplementation on moral grounds.  Rainbow Light has been a helpful company in this area as they have VeganGuard on some products, like advanced enzyme system, a digestive enzyme formula. is also very nice for vegan nutrition.

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