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What Exactly Is A Daily Balanced Healthy Diet?

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:37pm

I've been asking people if they think they get all the vitamins and nutrients their body needs from only food. So far 60% have said yes, they get everything they need from food.

Now I would like to know how these people are doing it. What are you eating, please define a balanced healthy diet for us. I do eat organic, stopped all fast food and steer away from processed foods but I feel it's still not enough.

I've read that you can get all the nutrients you need from a balanced diet. And in theory, that's a wonderful idea. But I have never had anyone define for me what a 'balanced healthy diet' really is. I don't feel having optimal health from eating today's modern diet is likely or even possible.

Of course, it would be better wonderful to get all nutrients totally naturally from foods alone. But today's 'civilized' diet of highly processed, unripe-picked, distance-shipped, quick-frozen, ethylene-gassed, pesticide-ridden, herbicide-ridden, hormone-laden, genetically modified foods - completely assures us that the foods will be deficient and the body's nutrient needs will be increased to handle the chemical stresses of all the additives that are consumed in the typical diet, in my opinion.

So please do share with us. What is your balanced healthy diet everyday?

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