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Vitamins - good or bad

Posted by Michael P.

I read some places, that say you should definitely take vitamin supplements to get all ur nutritional needs. Other places say yes take vitamins but make them food based vitamins. Other places say don't take a multivitamin, take a whole food supplement. And some people say that the vitamin pills can harm you What is true, do they harm you. What is the difference between these things? I don't take anything now because it is all confusing to me. What should I do
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Vitamins are Good, in Moderation. I'm not a scientist, so this is just my personal opinion, but...I think that the drug companies don't want us to take vitamins and supplements because that cuts into their business. Vitamin companies, on the other hand, want us to spend too much on vitamins. Look to the happy middle (where no-one is profiting) for the real answer: Vitamins can be good to take, but don't overdose on them. Yes, it is true, you can overdose on certain vitamins (I believe Vitamin A, for example). But you'd have to work really hard to do that. Also, vitamins are generally assimilated better when they are in liquid, not capsule, form, from what I understand.

Hi Michael

I can see why you're confused!  You can get functional pathology testing now that will tell you exactly what vitamins and minerals you need to supplement, if any. Cuts out all the indecision! If you're in the USA, do a web search for Genova Diagnostics. If you're in Australia, do a web search for ARL pathology. Both these places can direct you towards a practitioner who practices in this way. (And if you're living in northern NSW or southern QLD in Australia, come and see me at my clinic in Murwillumbah and we can arrange the testing for you.

Regards, Olwen Anderson 

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