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Vitamins End Up In Septic Tanks Or Sit In Your Colon

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:37pm
What on Earth is that picture? Simple, it's an undigested pill, a slow release potassium tablet, sitting in the colon.

This is one reason why many (most) synthetic vitamins and supplements don't do much. It sits there, until it is later found in the septic tanks or back into our water supply. See here.

Image ©From Kim Klaver -Are Your Vitamins Safe?
"Absorption is the key to everything. How much you swallow means very (VERY) little. Dr. Jonathan Wright was informed by a patient who was a septic tank cleaner that many septic tanks of 'pill-poppers' have layers of pills at the bottom, a clear example of taking something that went on through and was never absorbed.source

It makes sense, at least to me. Vitamins are not going to do a whole lot of good and may even harm you. Get thisfree reportto see what your vitamin has for ingredients. Are they whole foods that your body can actually use or are they synthetics that will sit in your colon, in a septic tank or end up back in our water supply?

I'm glad to see the studies come out about vitamins. It's past time for people to learn what are in the One-A-Day type multis. It's not nutritional supplements that are bad, it's synthetic ingredients in most vitamins sold in the U.S. and U.K.

Now if we could create a Naturally Occurring Standard - To insure that vitamin and mineral supplements are natural and taken directly from plant sources, and do not contain synthetics of any sort. We need a logo for these non-synthetic supplements, much in the way we have logos for Organic Foods. This would help eliminate the confusion about ingredients because to have this NOS label the supplement MUST be from whole foods, with these foods listed as ingredients.

Think about how simple it would be if everyone could read ingredients on supplements and know exactly what fruit, veggies, herb etc. it was. I love it and hope this happens sometime in my lifetime... Maybe with more books like The Hundred - Year Lie from Randall Fitzgerald we can find ways to get away from chemicals and toxins.

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