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Vita-Mix may increase bio-availability in food - Study

Posted Oct 15 2008 1:17pm

I use my Vita-Mix everyday and love it. It takes fresh fruit and veggies and makes a smooth drink in a minute. I use it to make hot fresh soups, butter, ice cream, salsa and even grind the soft bones from my chicken broth for my dogs. Many people think I'm nuts to have paid what I did for a "blender" wait - it's not a blender. A blender can't do what my Vita-Mix does.. read the new study.

Breakthrough research -- fresh from the University of Toronto

A recent study from the University of Toronto determined that the Vita-Mix processing method does indeed alter plant cell wall structure in a unique way, influence particle size differently, and may increase bioavailability.

What does this mean to you? You can only get the benefits of food when cell walls are broken to release the trapped nutrients. Chewing may only release a portion of these nutrients as shown by these lab micrographs. Vita-Mix processing power breaks open more cell walls which may release MORE of these nutrients.

Using a Vita-Mix 5200 machine makes the most of every dollar you spend on food—every day.

Here is a synopsis of this exciting research: Three plant foods--strawberry, carrot and tomato--were selected as representative of various plant cell wall densities. The selected foods were able to provide clear evidence of the different results obtained when the same food is chewed and processed in a Vita-Mix 5200.

Both chewed and Vita-Mix-processed plant tissue samples were examined by light and scanning electron microscopy.

A 2003 study conducted by Gene Spiller, PhD, CNS, FACN at Health Research and Studies Center in Los Altos, California involved plasma ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) and Carotenoid studies.
The comparison of mean peak values to fasting values showed an increase in nutrient levels for subjects consuming Vita-Mix processed rather than raw fruits and vegetables.
The results of the study suggest that parts of whole foods that are not normally consumed, but can be prepared in the Vita-Mix machine (i.e. stems, seeds, strawberry tops and pineapple core), can contribute to a higher intake of antioxidants if prepared in a way that makes these parts more digestible.

To sum it up, whole foods have it all--but teeth can't cut through food fiber to deliver all the nutrition trapped inside their cell walls, particularly the nutrient-rich skins and seeds. When whole foods are simply chewed, lots of nutrients are tossed out as inedible or they pass through the body undigested.
Again, great news for everyone who owns a Vita-Mix 5200: You get more fiber, more flavor and more nutrition than you thought possible when you make whole food meals in your Vita-Mix machine.

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vita mix
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