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Valentine's Day Aphrodisiacs - Get In The Mood With Fruits and Veggies.

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:38pm

Love Potions May Be As Close As Your Neighborhood Produce Bin

Chocolate and oysters have long had a reputation as sexual superfoods, but if you're on the prowl for a healthier love potion this Valentine's Day, the fruit and vegetable experts at have an intriguing tip: replace that box of candy with a bag of carrots, a batch of bananas or a "lover's salad" of fruits and veggies straight from your neighborhood grocery store.

People have used fruits and vegetables to increase their sexual appetite for centuries. In some cases, the libido-building powers of these humble foods from the farm are believed to stem from their suggestive shape or color. In others, feelings of passion are said to be aroused by ingesting the vitamins, minerals and enzymes provided by nature's cupboard.

Ideas for fruits and veggies to pick here.
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