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Use liquid natural supplements from mother Nature!

Posted by Igor Laskin Facebook

Have you ever heard  about a liquid blend of nature’s finest phytonutrients? It may be the best option for health promotion and disease prevention available today. We spent more than 6 years to find the “right things” experimentally using blood –microscopy test every 3 months! It wasn’t easy, but thanks God we found REAL THINGS, something that our body could recognize and give us good and long term positive effect. Today we have 3 times a day NIKKEN’s   Jade GreenZymes. This is barley grass product-combination of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other ingredients. It begins in an isolated, untouched region in southern Japan; the young barley grass is grown near the see and close to snow-covered mountains. The land is refreshed by pure rainwater…Where else can you find such a gift from Mother Nature? If you have it 3 times a day on empty stomach (20 min before or 2 hours after your meal), you will be surprised by amazing feelings of vitality, high energy and a good mood.

  We also drink a CIAGA –juice. It is a synergistic blend of 21 whole fruit, herbs and natural organic extracts. Made entirely from whole foods, all natural, high bioavailability for better absorption. The taste is just delicious!   Read this: CIAGA EQUALS:

CARDIOVASCULAR- ingredients that support heart and cardiovascular system health.

IMMUNE-can help in maintaining a strong immune system.

ANTIOXIDANTS -know to protect against free radical damage and support the body’s natural defenses.

GASTROINTESTINAL-a healthy GI tract improves nutrient absorption and also sustains many other physiological functions.

ADAPTOGENIC-nutrients and herbs that can assist the natural physical response to managing stress.

  In the morning we have 50 ml of the pure Ciaga juice and during the day –all the liquid intakes is PI-WATER mixed with Ciaga.   We don’t use alcohol, coffee, tea, soda, bottled water and feel actually very good. Try this way and feel dramatic change of improvement in about 90 days. And the best part- no medication at all!!! Sounds good, doesn’t it?

If you have questions, please feel comfortable to contact me. Best regards,

Igor Laskin

Certified Wellness Home Consultant

Home Office  (613) 321-0714

 "From My Heart to Your Heart."

Wellness is a lifestyle...  NIKKEN- Discover it!  Live it!

"Create Wealth by Investing in Your Health"
"If you can't afford Prevention now how will you afford Disease later?"

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Hi there,I appreciate your post about promoting natural supplements which enhance health and help eradicate disease. My name is Raj,I am an athlete with a passion for bodybuilding and cricket(sport).You can just imagine how athletes all over the world are told to try various kinds of supplements like ones which will provide a steroid like effect on the body greatly enhancing strength and speed.Whereas in reality,these supplements do not provide anything more than harmful side effects and possible long term health ramifications.Apart from training hard the only way to achieve success is by right diet which should include only natural supplements which are effective at providing essential nutrients for the muscles to grow and recover.Natural egg protein powder with no artificial additives are the best source.As combining around 20grams of this along with unsweetened fruit juice or milk provides for a convenient,portable liquid meal.This can be carried in 1thermos(1meal) or 2 thermoses(2meals). As people who engage in any type of fitness,sport/strength training can benefit from this prior and after their physical activity.Search for natural egg protein powders which contain no artificial ingredients.As the ones which do could have potential side effects.Although vitamins are of utmost importance and should be consumed by people regardless of their fitness/health goals.Cod liver fish oil and omega 3 are vital for improving the body's functions and all vitamin supplements are natural and healthy with no side effects!Having said that,there is no supplement out there superior to real food for people with any sort of fitness goals to recover and build muscles after completing their physical exertions.Skim milk,egg whites and lean meats should be a part of any physical fitness/health oriented person.I have been educated staying natural with diet is the best way to enhance fitness and long term health. I would just like to show some gratitude to the man who taught to me how to live a healthy (drug and unnatural supplements free)bodybuilding lifestyle.Francesco A. Castano,author of musclenow and fat vanish.If you wish take a few moments to visit or Please reply to this post if you have any questions or e-mail at about natural effective supplements/fitness.
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