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Posted by Shez B.

Keep your immunity high and your circulation flowing.

Sitting for such a long period of time is a nightmare for your circulatory and lymphatic system. If they happen to play one of those cheesy exercise movies, they do help! Otherwise get up and walk around and even jump regularly. Your immune system may get a kicking when flying, so protect yourself by taking some vitamin A.

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Great advice.. I have a long trip coming up and I love to travel, but the worst part is sitting in a small area for such a long period of time. What is Vitamin A and what does it help with?
Hi Larisa, Vitamin A is a general immune system booster. I don't know why it is especially good for flights, but I have heard a lot of experts say that in terms of flying, it is the most important of all the immune boosters. Enjoy your trip!
I travel a lot too. I have found drinking lots of water and avoid carbs really helps in preventing fatigue and jet lag while traveling.
I now know to keep vitamins in their own container. Plus, it's important to drink even MORE water, to flush out potential irritants. I step up use of Purell and wash my hands more frequently, keep them away from my face. Also, bring whatever sleep masks, pillows, blankies, fleeces, etc. help you sleep, because sleep is a great healer and traveling is physically stressful.
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