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traveling with vitamins

Posted by Tamar F.

It’s so hard to travel these days, what with the quart sized little baggies, taking out your laptop and shoes. They also say that lost luggage is on the increase. So, I try to take everything on one little carry-on.

I thought it would be a swell idea to take my beauty vitamins out of their bulky container and pack them loose inside the baggie. They were solid, not gel caps. Well, something got wet in there and all the vitamins dissolved. It was disgusting! All my cosmetics had this gunk on them and they smelled.

Really, you have to make room for that bottle (or a pill case) in your stuff – there’s no other way.

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Sounds like a mess. Baggies are lifesavers for prevention of messes. I try to get my vits in individual packs for travel -- keeps it simple. One for each day carries the plan in action. Then, for vits that I bring for extra doses, just in case, like B's or minerals, I bag 'em as bulk in individual baggies then all in one big bag. I bag my powders too. Then, those go together in one big bag. All zip locked of course.
I measure them out and dump them into one bottle. It's not as efficient as Kenna's method but it works okay for short trips.
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