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Too Much of a Good Thing

Posted by C.L. R.

Alright, so every time I even hear someone sneeze, cough or sound hoarse, I was popping an Emergen-C. They have some ridiculous dosage of Vitamin C, like 1000% percent or something. And check this out - when I was feeling especially tired or vulnerable to sickness, I was taking two or three of them a day. A friend pointed out to me that this was dangerous. I was like, 'What' No way. It's Vitamin C. Whatev's. But she insisted I look up the side effects of too much Vitamin C. Apparently, too much Vitamin C can actually hurt you. (Moderation, people. Moderation!) If you take in more than 2000 mg a day (I was - for the sure's) you can get diarrhea, cramping, etc. Plus, having more VC than your body can handle can cause health problems like kidney stones, the need for more oxygen (who knew?) and actually decrease the levels of Vitamin B and copper in your body. Plus, it can flip into a substance that will encourage the growth of things like cancer, etc. instead of discourage. Wow. So, I've told some people this and they're like, 'Everyone knows that' And I'm like, 'Well, I didn't and I was treating Emergen-C like it was orange juice.' So, hark this - just cause it comes in a fun little packet and tastes awesome with Faken and eggs, Emergen-C is still a drug. Mannnn..
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It's hard to stay healthy when someone you live with is sick. This past week, my boyfriend came down with a bad cold, so I started to take vitamins, increase my fruit and veggie intake, etc. His mom brought over some packets of Emergen-C. Your right, they come in a cute little packet and you almost forget it's a supplement. We had one - two a day with lots and lots of water. My boyfriend got better and I only ended up with sniffles. Besides, we should really get Vitamin C from natural resources such as oranges.

Oops I think I posted my comment to the Vit . C post on your white board. Well, here's what it was:

Totally agree.  There is a reason the FDA has a "recommended daily intake" for nutrients; the body can't properly utilize more than 100% RDI. Taking a 2,000% Vit. C for any length of time is not beneficial.

Try EpiCor. It doesn't boost the immune system. It help the immune system balance itself, so that  it's agressive when needed, and passive or suppressed when needed. You don't want your immune system constantly amped up. Leads to health problems.

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