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Tips to Stop Mosquito Bite Itching

Posted Aug 29 2009 10:08pm

Remedies for itching mosquito bites!

This summer in Minnesota has been on the cool side with little rain. That means we didn't fight mosquitoes - until this past week when we were camping. The pesky mosquitoes were out for blood - OURS!

I keep a bottle of water and Eucalyptus Essential Oil to help repel the bugs. Since bugs have not been a problem I forgot to pack any natural repellent.

I had to use what we packed to stop the itching. I've added other tips - some I've tried others I haven't tried yet.

What we had on our camping trip:

Lemon juice (worked great)

Toothpaste (I used Toms of Maine Peppermint)

Honey (raw) (worked as long we were inside, the mosquitoes seemed to bite more with the honey on.)


Ice (works)

Tea bags (black, green and chamomile) (works)

The lemon juice worked the best, then ice and tea bags. Sounds like iced tea with a splash of lemon.

Now for some remedies I've read about. I don't know how well these work. If you have tried them let us know how they worked for you.

Apply these to bite on skin (one remedy at a time)

Epsom salt (2 tbls in 1 cup cold water)
Baking soda and water paste
Fresh cut garlic clove
Fresh cut onion
Liquid ammonia (for new bites, not raw open bites!)
Nail polish (for new bites, not raw open bites!)
Lime juice
Salt & Water paste
Vinegar - white or apple cider (for new bites, not raw open bites!)
Vicks Vaporub
Tums Tablets (crush and add a few drops of water)
Aspirin (crush then add a few drops of water
Aloe Vera
Tea tree oil
Lavender oil
Oil of oregano
Bar soap pieces (rub dry bar soap on bites)
Banana peel (inside of peel)
Common Plantain (roll common plantain leaves between fingers to extract juice, or chew on leaves a little bit, then rub the juicy leaf over mosquito bite.
Calamine lotion
Listerine mouthwash or generic equivalent
Scotch tape

Internal help:
Vitamin C (Do not take synthetic forms of vitamin C. Whole Food Vitamins )

A few days before going on a camping trip, drink 1 tablespoon of cider vinegar three times a day. Continue throughout your outing and you just might return home without a bite.

I recently read that people who eat lots of sweets get more mosquito bites. I'm not sure about that. I'll let you know after our next camping trip if our sugar eating friends get more bites!

If a remedy doesn’t give fast relief, give it another try, sometimes it will take 2 or 3 applications before it works for you.

The mosquito bite itch comes from saliva that the mosquito injects into you as it sucks your blood. There are many different species of mosquitoes. You may react to some mosquito bites more than others.

I know this is a long list, and I know there are many more remedies to stop mosquito bites from itching. Share your remedies.

We want to hear what has worked for you.

Whole Food Vitamins

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