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These Foods May Work Like Aspirin

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:36pm
Aspirin in your food? Absolutely. Certain foods, mainly fruits, have aspirin-like activity. Here's the proof: When people who are sensitive to aspirin eat such foods, they have reactions similar to those caused by taking aspirin. Because of this, allergists warn aspirin-sensitive people to stay away from foods heavy in salicylates, the stuff aspirin is made of.

The presence of this natural drug might be one more reason certain plant foods guard against cardiovascular disease and cancer, say experts. Salicylates have anticoagulant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. They also may affect prostaglandins in ways that retard the growth of tumors.

Foods extremely high in natural aspirin (salicylates)

Blueberries - Cherries - Dried Currants - Curry Powder - Dried Dates
Gherkins (small pickles) - Licorice - Paprika - Prunes - Raspberries

Food moderately high in salicylates
Almonds - Apples (granny smith) - Oranges - Peppers (sweet and hot)
Persimmons - Pineapple - Tea

Generally fruits contain considerable amounts of salicylates; vegetables do not.

Resource: Food your miracle medicine, Jean Carper pg 471-473

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