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The Power of Electrolytes

Posted Oct 22 2008 10:33am 1 Comment

Cycling Electrolytes may be the missing ingredient for a power workout.

An electrolyte is any substance such as acids, bases or salts that dissolves in water to give a solution an electric current, generating energy for the human body. Sports drinks are a good source of electrolytes supporting a common problems for people exercising: dehydration.

Dehydration is normally caused by the excessive loss of water from the body. It is best avoided by drinking plenty of water but people on intense workouts may consider taking electrolytes to prevent additional problems such as muscle cramps, headaches, dizziness or fainting.

Electrolyte drinks contains high levels of two key minerals: sodium and potassium. Sport drinks are the best way to replenish the body’s water and electrolyte levels after dehydration caused by extreme exercising conditions.

Electrolytes are not needed on normal training since most drinks offer enough supplements for a light to moderate workouts.

Dehydration may be caused by different problems such as diarrhea, vomiting, intoxication, starvation or prolonged exposure to dry air.

Most people do not need electrolytes if occasional diarrhea occurs. Drinking plenty of water should be enough to remedy the problem. Nevertheless, electrolytes are normally recommended in more serious cases or after stomach disorders such as food poising or vomiting, preventing headaches and dizziness due to the lack of minerals in the system.

In conclusion, whether you are an athlete pushing to the limit or you are fighting stomach issues, electrolytes may provide the power you need to stay in good shape.

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