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The Natural Source of Energy: Coenzyme Q10

Posted Aug 17 2009 10:12pm

Energy cycle One of the best sources of energy is a natural substance all cells need to live: Coenzyme Q10. Also called ubiquinone, CoQ10 is used by the human body in the process of producing cellular energy, playing a major role in fat and energy metabolism.

Some athletes believe Coenzyme Q10 is an essential supplement to improve endurance because CoQ10 can transform food into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy on which the body runs.

In addition, Coenzyme Q10 acts as an antioxidant and has been used and recommended to support several conditions such as high blood pressure, macular degeneration, congestive heart failure, type 2 diabetes, migraine headaches and high cholesterol.

Studies have shown that CoQ10 supplementation can regulate blood flow and prevent artery blockage, reducing heart attack risk. A daily dose of 120 mg of CoQ10 is suggested to minimize complications following a heart attack.

Some food sources contain coenzyme Q10 such as meat and fish but the amounts in food are less than what can be obtained from supplements.

How much of Coenzyme Q10 should be taken? Most adults should take anywhere between 30mg to 100mg per day. The body normally produces CoQ10 but production reduces as we age. The older we are, the smaller the production of Coenzyme 10 is and, consequently, our bodies cannot convert vitamins and minerals from food into energy.

That’s one of the reasons elderly people tend to feel tired and often do not have energy for physical activities. Supplementation may be necessary to maintain healthy cell production and prevent lack of energy.

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