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The Lowdown on So-Called "Digestive" Yogurts

Posted by Tracii H.

You’ve undoubtedly seen the ads for those digestion-promoting yogurts like DanActive® and Activia® that claim to aid in reducing constipation, bloating, and other intestinal symptoms by replacing “good” bacteria. But do they REALLY work? The truth is that these products contain far too much sugar to improve digestion. Sugars feed yeast in the digestive tract, which is one of the “bad” guys the products claim to reduce. While it’s true that yogurt contains probiotic cultures known to increase intestinal health, the sugar in products like DanActive and Activia cancels them out. Instead of spending money on these fancy brand name products, keep it simple with some plain white yogurt. Plain yogurt with no sugar added can be used in a number of ways, including spread atop pita bread, bagels, or toast in place of products like butter or cream cheese. It’s easy to find and tastes great once you learn how to use it. If you’re allergic or sensitive to dairy products including yogurt like I am (many people who can’t tolerate milk products can eat yogurt, which is easier to digest), you can get all the same benefits from taking dairy-free probiotic supplements like Acidophilus.
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