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The Cream of the Crop: Royal Jelly

Posted Jun 24 2009 1:52pm

Royal jelly Honey is good for you. I’m sure you heard that before but something else is even better for you: Royal Jelly.

Royal jelly is a rich, creamy, milky substance produced by worker bees for the nourishment of the queen bee.

It’s cream of the crop of beehive products. Royal jelly is the result of a mixture of honey and bee pollen, two top-shelf ingredients.

Royal jelly supplements are an excellent source of nutrients and are very gentle to the human system.

Most products have antibacterial and antibiotic components and can be safely taken on a daily basis.

Scientists have discovered that royal jelly is a rich source of proteins, amino acids, fatty acids, lipids, minerals and a multitude of vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, C, niacin biotin and folic acid. It’s almost like a multi-vitamin, all in one product.

Royal jelly has extended list of potential benefits. Regular supplementation helps to maintain lower cholesterol, enhance the immune system, promote mental alertness, improve energy levels, and reduce stress.

It’s commonly sold as a dietary supplement and is available in liquid form, tablets and capsules. Nutritionists may recommend an average of 100mg per day, the amount which has been used in most of the studies, to obtain significant results from royal jelly.

Proper cold storage is recommended since some royal jelly products are perishable and warmer storage may affect potency. Sometimes natural beeswax is added to royal jelly to aid its preservation.

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