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The ABC and E's of Vitamins for Skin Care

Posted by Kristen D.

With so many different kinds of creams, antibiotics, and topical medications to care for the skin, sometimes you might just want to get back-to-basics and turn to vitamins. Make sure you're getting your A, B, C, and E vitamins to help moisture retention, sun damage repair, discoloration under the eyes, repairing dry and rough skin, etc.
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With our environmental situation and so on, vitamins and minerals are a must for the body. 100 years ago our environment was much better off. Our soils were not depleted of nutrients like they are today. Air quality wasn't even in our vocabulary. Today, we need to take supplements in general -- good quality ones are a must.
Some foods that we eat contains most vitamins but not everything. So I do believe that vitamin supplements is a good alternative to make sure we have enough vitamin and minerals in our system.
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