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Synthetic MultiVitamin Trade Away Program - FREE

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:37pm
*** All Pops for trade program have been used. If you would like to order the Purple or Green pops go here Whole Food Nation
Synthetic Multivitamin free TradeAway program
Whole Food Nation , a whole-food supplement company, has launched a national Trade Away program. It's free. Here's how it works.

ANYONE who takes synthetic multivitamins can send them in, and get a one month box of either GREEN or PURPLE Pops in exchange. No charge.

Follow these 3 short steps to join the TradeAway Program.
1. Look to see if your multivitamins are synthetic. Check it against this synthetic ingredients list here Are Your Vitamins Safe?

2. Decide which of the whole-food multi's you want:
Pop a Purple or Pop a Green

3. Ship your synthetic multivitamin* bottle (leave a few pills in it) to Whole Food Nation.
Please include:
Email - need this only for your conformation when your POPS are sent
Phone #
Which Pops you want

*Multivitamins only, please. NOT just a bottle of vitamin E, or A, or C or calcium. No drugs or meds, either.

Upon receipt of your synthetic multivitamins and your choice of Green or Purples, we'll ship you your box of Pops. Plus some tips.

Questions email Robin Plan here.

P.S. No one from our company will hound you or pitch you anything. The TradeAway is a national experiment to introduce people to whole-food based multis. And we never share your info, for any reason.

Have you ever wanted to change something so much you would do anything to make it happen? That's how I feel about synthetic vitamins. Do you take them? I used to, but not anymore. I got so worked up after I learned what they could do to a person that I wanted to educate others about what I've learned.

Remember MADD?
I feel like a version of Candy Lightner, the mom who founded MADD in 1980. She was driven to it after a repeat drunk-driver killed her daughter, Cari. Candy started as one mother with a passion and clear mission to protect other moms from drunk drivers killing their child. Today MADD is recognized worldwide.

I want to do the same thing, Bring about awareness about the possible dangers of synthetic multi vitamins see here and here and offer people who care, an alternative that's whole-food based instead of artificial and maybe even toxic.

Check your multivitamin bottle
Pull out your bottle of daily vitamins. Look at the label (if you're like me you'll need the magnifier) and see if you find any of these synthetic ingredients, e.g. Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) ( click here for many more ).

Birth defects increase 400%
Did you know that in one study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, 22,000 pregnant women were given synthetic supplements, and birth defects increased 400%? They had to halt the study.

Zoltan P. Rona, M.D., says that while a healthy person will not drop dead immediately after ingesting synthetic supplements, "the long-term consequences of continuous, daily intakes are potentially dangerous." Reactions, he reports, include fatigue, memory loss, depression, insomnia and potential liver disorders.

Trade vitamins quick instructions.
Email Robin Here

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Things to know about your daily vitamin before you buy
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