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Supplement Review: AdvoCare Rehydrate Review

Posted Dec 14 2012 11:34pm

Do You Want More Reasons to Drink Water & AdvoCare® Rehydrate?

Did you know that drinking water and maintaining proper electrolyte balance actually suppresses your appetite and helps your body metabolize stored fat. This can actually make you lose weight!

Clinical studies demonstrate that a reduction in your water and electrolyte levels will cause your body to increase fat storage!
In fact, when you increase the amount of water you drink, you can actually reduce your fat deposits.

AdvoCare® Rehydrate & Water: How Much Water is Enough?

So you ask "how much water is enough? "

The average person should consume six to eight glasses every day, and it's best to have small amounts throughout the day.

Here are some tips to optimize your water intake and rehydration:
1) Cooler drinks are absorbed faster than really cold or really hot drinks.
2) Optimal volume is 600 ml. Rate of every 30-60 minutes is ideal.
3) Fluid replacement during exercise is critical, it helps to reduce the heart rate and body temperature responses to exercise as opposed to not drinking water. This means you work out more efficiently and reap higher rewards.

Why Drink AdvoCare® Rehydrate

Because Water By itself Is Not Enough


Everyone must drink water. On average our bodies are 70%-75% water (young adult, this percentage is less as we age) and that water is the most essential nutrient involved with every function of the body's 70 trillion cells. In order to our bodies to work properly, efficiently and disease free, water, pure water, must be consumed daily (half body weight in ounces).

But sometimes water is just not enough, enter AdvoCare Rehydrate

Some of the reasons I recommend AdvoCare Rehydrate
- It can keep the body stay completely hydrated during physical exercise and strenuous activity
- It can provide the complete group of crucial electrolytes that you need for better electrolyte balance
- It also includes amino acids to keep your muscles strong and big
- It can feed your body with carbohydrates for energy production which helps you improve and sustain your cardiovascular and muscle endurance
- It can help reduce and eliminate muscle soreness and cramping during and after exercise
-It can faciliate your recovery post exercise

I respectfully concur that a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables may help you maintain a healthy body. However, I am not convinced that most people eat well enough and drink enough water to truly maintain an optimal state of health, especially those who exercise regularly and strenuously. Drinking enough water, in conjunction with a healthy diet and AdvoCare® Rehydrate  is the absolute best thing a person can do to obtain and maintain perfect health.

Click here now to read more about AdvoCare® Rehydrate. Rehydrate comes in gel form and powder, click here to learn more and to buy.

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