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Study on Male - Female Depression- Women Seek Help - Men Die

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:37pm
Have you heard of Andropause? It is a biological change experienced by men during their mid-life, and is often compared to female menopause. While menopause relates to a cessation of reproductive ability, andropause refers to a diminishment of the key male hormone testosterone which can lead to a severe loss of energy, concentration and depression, mood swings resulting in uneccessary nastiness and spiteful behaviour towards others.

I know first hand about menopause, been there, done that! I didn't know men had their "change of life." I'm learning about this through fellow blogger Cathy. She wrote a shocking post -Women seek help - men die.

"Women seek help--men die." This conclusion was drawn from a study of suicide prevention conducted by a group of international researchers. They found that 75% of those who sought professional help in an institution for suicide prevention were female. Conversely 75% of those who committed suicide in the same year were male. Since depression is a significant risk factor for suicide and men receive less treatment for depression than do women, it is vitally important that we have a better understanding of the way depression manifests itself in males.

Go to Everything Andropause for the full study.
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