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Since I started taking fish oil capsules, I've been having a lot of itching. Can fish oil supplements cause intense itching?

Posted by miriampat

I began taking fish oil supplements of 1200 mg. twice a day a couple of weeks ago.  About a week ago, I began experiencing intense itching; I finally bought an anti-itch cream to put on my skin.  I stopped the fish oil supplements two days ago, and the itching subsided.  Then I tried again this evening to take the supplement, but I began to itch again.  I always take the fish oil with a meal.  

I also have diabetes and hypothyrodism.  I thought the itching may have been due to the thyroid condition, but a recent test shows that my thyroid levels are normal.  I take several medications for high lipids, diabetes, low thyroid, and Lexapro for depression.

Thank you for your help. 



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Unfortunately, I don't have an "answer" for you, but I can certainly empathize!! I started taking fish oil two days ago and already am researching itching! I thought the fish oil was supposed to have so many benefits; no one mention potential side effects except the taste! I also take Armour thyroid to treat hypothyroidism.
Thanks, MsFern!  It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who has experienced itching with fish oil supplements!  miriampat
Fish oil makes me itch too and I have been buying the cheap kind.  I switched to Salmon Oil and immediately noticed a difference.  I am taking up to 8 capsules a day for my eyes.    I think it is the cheap tablets. Some say the fish oil contains a little mercury and the Salmon capsules do not, so I am trying Salmon capsules.  
Lynn, thanks for your help.  I had already given up on fish oil supplements, but I'll try the Salmon Oil supplements now.  Thank you for helping me out with this.

I started taking Omega 3 fish oil supplements two to three months ago. I take three per day. I recently started itching, so decided today to search online. I am glad to see that others are experiencing the itching! I also have hypothyroidism and take Armour thyroid. I wonder if there is a connection. Could we now have too much iodine in our systems? I am going to stop taking he fish oil for a while and see if the itching stops. Am taking it for high blood pressure and realized it helped my left eye from being dry. I hate to give it up, but can't keep itching! It comes and goes - very much like a slight contact dermatitis.

Hi, Samantha!  I see I'm not alone with this problem.  I'm going to see my physician this coming week and will ask her what she thinks.
Thank you everyone for your answers. I started taking high potency Omega 3 & 6 tablets in December and haven't stopped itching since! Today I finally decided to go online to see if the itching could be because of the fish oil. I started the fish oil to reduce inflammation after discontinuing Celebrex (due to the side affects.) It hasn't helped an awful lot so now that I know what my problem is I might stop taking the fish oil. This itching is driving me crazy!! Thanks again for all your comments.
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