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Shoulder Pain Relief - Drug Free

Posted Sep 28 2010 8:53am
Shoulder Pain
I'm an active person so when I started having shoulder pain I ignored it. I thought I was sleeping wrong. It took me 18 months to finally realize I had a frozen shoulder and it was not going to be fixed on it's own.

I couldn't raise my left arm to shampoo my hair, or even to shave under my arms (Gross!) I couldn't bend my arm behind me to scratch my back I had to put my winter jacket on with my left arm first because my arm would not move far enough behind me. I had less than 40% range of motion and no muscle left because I stopped using my left arm for anything.

I went to the doctor and started a weekly round of physical therapy.

I increased my cod liver oil and flax seeds to help keep the inflammation down. Supplements helped more than my physical therapist could believe.She couldn't say much about it because they are not taught about nutrition in school. She was still impressed.

I started working on my shoulder in January 2010. I got almost 93% range of motion back - until 6 weeks ago. I felt the familiar tightness when I reached up for a dish. I started doing the stretching exercises again but the pain came back. The orthopedic surgeon said this could happen. I was trying so hard to fix it myself since I knew the routine.

I recently learned that Kim Klaver had the exact same problem with her shoulder.  I know that Kim is very active with playing tennis so I knew she would be looking for a fix.  I also knew that she would find shoulder pain relief - that was DRUG - FREE.  She did and I was right there to hear about it.

Suzanne Somers, anti-drug crusader is also using this product (patch) to fix her aches and pains. In her book Breakthrough suzanne somers book Suzanne says, "I have been using these non-drug patches for pain, sleep, energy, appetite control, and detoxification for the past two years and I can't say enough about them. After you read this interview {with David Schmidt} you are going to want to run to his website to get some for yourself. Sometimes things are too good to be true; these patches are simply good and true."

OK here's what Kim says about the pain patch and what it did for her frozen shoulder
Who uses these patches, anyway?
People who want a non-drug alternative to help relieve their aches and pains. Nothing goes into your body at all.

How can anything work if you don’t put it into your body?

Here’s how it works.

It’s an efficient alternative to acupuncture: only no needles. For the last 2500 years , acupuncture doctors put needles in certain places on someone’s body to relieve pain. These patches simulate that. Except instead of needles, you put on these little patches. Like small round band-aids. They go right where the needles would go. Then they gently stimulate the same energy points. (Somers’ interview with the inventor.)

Kim says, "OK I was curious, so I decided to test them. I have always loved acupressure massage, so I thought I’d be a perfect subject. Anyway, three months ago, I tried one of the little patches on my left arm. That arm has had, for the past two years, only 60% range of motion, due to a car injury. I had no expectations."

"Within a month of putting this little patch on in a certain place each day, the range of motion was back at 97%.

No drugs, and nothing went into my body. (!)

Could be a fluke, of course.

But it worked for me. And it’s working for Ms. Somers.

And thousands of folks across some 80 countries now."
So I'm using these pain patches and my shoulder is already loosening up and I have no pain at all. I can reach above my head and can scratch my back for the first time in almost two years! I never knew how great it feels to scratch your own back when it itches...  I have better movement than I got from weekly trips to physical therapy.

Anyway, Do you know anyone who might want to know about these pain patches?
Feel free to contact me here: Email Robin , subject: Pain Patch

I had such amazing results with these pain patches. I have friends and family with chronic pain asking me how I fixed my shoulder. After a few weeks of telling my story I joined up with LifeWave to be able to offer what had worked for me to my friends. So that's what I'm doing now with LifeWave, educate others and offer the patches to people looking for drug-free options, like me.

Jump to my LifeWave site to watch videos, read the research and learn more.

Email Robin for information about the LifeWave Pain Patches .

Full Disclaimer, There are affiliate links on this page. In some cases, I will be compensated if you decide to purchase a product based on my recommendation. In some cases, I receive free product for review purposes. Always do your OWN due-diligence before making any purchases. Never purchase anything that you cannot afford. I only include those links for products and services that I use myself. I work hard with researching in addition to trying-testing all the products-services before publishing to my visitors.

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