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Scratch And Sniff Your Vitamin. Do the smell test.

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:37pm
What if you opened your vitamin bottle and smelled food instead of medicine, would you be surprised? Would it be more pleasing to smell more spice than medicine?

I've opened lots of bottles of vitamins since the multivitamins started coming in for the trade away program. Wow, every single vitamin bottle I opened smelled like medicine and vitamins. If you have always taken a synthetic multivitamin you might think, so that's what they are supposed to smell like because they are vitamins. You are right, vitamins (synthetic) are what they all smell like.

When you take some whole food multis there will not be the "vitamin" smell since the ingredients are whole foods like fruits, veggies herbs and spice. With some whole food multis you can empty the contents in a smoothie and on food. This is how some parents use them for their kids or folks that can't swallow pills mix a whole food multi with food.

Go ahead and smell your multivitamin. Taste them and see if you would just eat them.

If you want to do the smell and taste test with a multivitamin from Whole Food Nation you can trade your synthetic multi for a box of whole food multis. The Purples use fruits known as naturally energizing while the Greens use veggies known as naturally calming. You can test how they work for you for a month, no charge.

Whole Food Nation, a whole-food supplement company, has launched a national Trade Away program until May 15, 2008. It's free, really.

ANYONE who takes synthetic multivitamins can send them in, and get a box of either GREEN or PURPLE Pops in exchange. No charge. No gimmicks.

3 Steps To trade your synthetic multivitamin for a whole food multi, no charge.

Questions email Robin Plan.

P.S. No one from the Whole Food Nation company will hound you or pitch you anything.

The TradeAway is a national experiment to introduce people to whole-food based multis.
Experiment ends May 15, 2008.

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