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Scientists Finally Discover a Pill That "Exercises" For You!!

Posted by Rebecca S.

It will probably end up having some weird side-effect, but we'll see. I also feel like this approach is "cheating", but who says Mother Nature is ALWAYS right. If nature was always right, we'd just get rid of modern medicine and we'd all die young like in the good "ole days" LOL. Here's what the study found: US scientists have made an astounding new discovery, which will surely make many dreams come true. A new " exercise pill" has been developed which will cause the body to burn at least 2X as much fat as normal by switching on a particular gene, without an physical effort. Researchers who have tested it in mice say that it prevents the mice from putting on weight, even if they consume high amounts of fat. This pill is much different than existing drugs for obesity, which only work by reducing appetite or by attempting to prevent the absorption of fat. The drug causes the body to burn fat as if it were exercising, even when inactive. This causes more calories to be burned than consumed, which leads to weight loss.
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