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Replacing Microwaves With Convection Ovens

Posted Feb 02 2010 11:46am

Over 90% of kitchens in America have microwave ovens. Microwaves are super convenient for heating meals fast, making pop corn or cooking an entire meal in a fraction of the time a conventional oven takes. But, many families are looking for a better option for fast cooking times, less energy use and a healthier way to cook. For me, I decided to use a convection oven for the nutritional benefit, and energy savings.

What is a convection oven?

A convection oven is designed with a fan that continually circulates hot air around the food as it cooks. This helps the food to cook evenly on all sides, and thoroughly inside and out.

The benefits of convection cooking:

• Bake, broil, fry, roast, boil, grill and steam your favorite foods just the way you love them.
• Cook food in 25 percent less time without using a microwave.
• Save energy bills with the reduced cook time and lower temperatures compared to conventional ovens.
• Keep nutrients, vitamins and minerals in your food.
• Go low fat naturally because the oil drips away from your food.
• Foods have more flavors, come out tender, juicy and cooked to perfection with little effort on your part.
• Clean up is a breeze compared to the chore of regular oven cleaning. Some models have a single bowl to cook in so this is all you wash.

There are many new styles of convection ovens. Newer homes might have them built in or have a microwave combo that you can switch back and forth with. The counter top style is one of the most popular models because of it's small size. They come in all sizes. You don't have to get the biggest or most powerful one unless that is what you will be cooking with all the time and need the extra large capacity. A smaller turbo type is great for all cooking needs and fits any size kitchen, even the limited counter space.

No matter what your reason for cooking with a convection oven, know that you are giving your family a huge health benefit and finding a small way to go green in your home.

Robin Plan has researched small convection ovens for her family and found a great fit with the one from Dr. Mercola's site. Learn more from this Convection Countertop Oven site.

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