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Reasons Americans Eat Normal Food (Junk Food)

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:37pm 1 Comment

Kim Klaverdid a post asking "If "normal" food is so bad for us, why is it so common?"

"There are two main reasons. One is that it has more immediate appeal. You may feel lousy an hour after eating that pizza, but eating the first couple bites feels great. The other is economies of scale. Producing junk food scales; producing fresh vegetables doesn't. Which means (a) junk food can be very cheap, and (b) it's worth spending a lot to market it.

If people have to choose between something that's cheap, heavily marketed, and appealing in the short term, and something that's expensive, obscure, and appealing in the long term, which do you think most will choose?" -Paul Graham

We know we need to make a change. What SHOULD one eat that's quick, tastes good and doesn't make us look old and feel tired before our time?Kim Klaver source

Here are some reasons Americans don't eat healthy, in my opinion:

Don't like the taste of healthy food.
Can't afford it.
Don't have time to cook.
Bombardment of advertising from TV, radio, and online.
Picky eaters.
Don't know what is healthy.
Processed – boxed – ready to cook – just add water – frozen dinners are quick and convenient.
Family meals are a thing of the past.

Lack of knowledge about food:
Americans think they are healthy so don't put thought into what they eat. They think if they're still alive after always eating the food they eat today it can't be all that bad for them. For some, it takes a death of a loved one to make them think about nutrition. Better food choices can prevent disease.

If all we eat is junk fast food, it will taste better than healthy food. Kids are growing up eating junk food so they don't know what real food is. American's taste buds wouldn't know real food because it's so rare. If it isn't processed, loaded with sugar, salt, fat and will last longer than our kids because of the chemical preservatives, it has no flavor or doesn't taste right.

Junk food is always available. Look at the check out counters at any store, they are loaded with candy bars, bagged snacks and even energy gum! There are snack machines everywhere, even outside my son's dentist's office. What a positive sight when you leave the dentist; eat more candy and wash it down with this Coke. We are exposed to junk food everywhere. Stores are playing on our impulse shopping, besides it's just a candy bar, right?

This one is huge...
We are bombarded with advertisements from McDonalds, Burger King and Arby's to name a few. This keeps food on our mind and after a while we think, hey that sounds good I'm going to make a McDonalds run for lunch. Our kids see commercials for fruit snacks, cereal, chips, candy, pop-tarts or Oreos and pick these things out when grocery shopping. We are being led to eat what is advertised, the whole purpose of the marketing.

So leave a comment and share what you are doing to eat healthy, if eating healthy is important to you.

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I think many americans are in denial. They know that white bread is now considered junk food but the space it takes up on the shelf has not shrunk.

 People want to believe it is genetics not the food that has hurt their health. They are simply scared of proper digestion.

 When you eat right you fart and poop more. That is a good thing but for some reason our culture thinks it is best to carry around our poop for days. 



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