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Raw Milk - Don't Just Do It...

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:21pm
There are many raw milk benefits that most people don't know. Many people have never tasted raw milk because milk has been pasteurized for their whole life. Have you heard of the total raw milk diet? It's a therapeutic method that was used in the U.S. at the turn of the 20th century, says professor Heidi Dulay.

Some people do the total raw milk diet today as a serious therapeutic method.

But, cautions professor Dulay, don't try any big raw milk diet at home. Because, she told her class:

"You need access to high quality 100% grass-fed clean raw milk - only available from local farmers who do NOT sell their milk to pasteurization plants or other conventional milk distribution companies (and sometimes, Whole Foods)."

More from Dr. Heidi Dulay:

The truth about raw milk - don't blame it on the cow!

After viewing the video about raw milk a reader has this question:

Rich asks, "So where does soy milk fit in to the equation? is it better than raw milk or just an equal alternative?"

Dr. Heidi replied, "I once thought soy milk was the cat's meow. I was vegan then and the research on soy was in its infancy.

I've now been persuaded that soy milk is, at best, inferior to raw cow's milk or raw goat's milk (its amino acid profile is incomplete), and may even be detrimental to health - especially to the thyroid, reproductive organs and the brain.

This is primarily because of the way soy milk, or soy in general, is consumed in this country - as a replacement for animal milk or animal protein (rather than as an accompaniment to animal food, as it is in Asia, e.g. tofu in fish broth), and in relatively large quantities.

Also, most soy milk in the US is highly processed -- most of the nutrients are processed out of it and remnants of the chemicals used in the processing remain in the milk.

Here is an article on the soy controversy
by highly respected researcher and nutritionist Dr Mary Enig who also cites other research studies.

I now drink raw cow's milk and use goat whey protein."

Heidi Dulay, EdD, NC

Private practice: Little Spa .

Adjunct Professor, JFKU Holistic Health Education, Pleasant Hill, CA

VP Product Development Whole Food Nation.

For help in finding clean raw milk start with these resources:

Eat Wild All Grass Dairies


Fast Food Junkie? Simple natural detox everyday.

Did the Surgeon General Get It Wrong About Weight? Free Report

Surprise Source of Vitamin D

Thank you for reading!

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