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Rabbit food not required

Posted Sep 29 2008 10:50pm
"I would like to know more about your ER program. I have been working on losing weight and eating healthier and I want NOT to be part of our unhealthy and overweight society." - Ron M.
Here's what ER ( Extreme Regime Weight Control ) is NOT:
  • No calorie/carb counting
  • No portion control
  • No "diet" foods
  • No "balanced" meals
  • No rabbit food required
Calorie and carb counting don't work for most people. Just look around at the many who have tried it and gained everything back.

Portion control. Ditto.

"Diet" foods contain artificial sweeteners and chemical additives that often make people look fatter and puffier than before. See here.

No balanced meals. When your body is out of balance, e.g. obese, an imbalanced approach to weight loss is quickest. Temporary, yes, but imbalanced. Like a plane revving up to take off. The initial effort is massive but short, until it lifts off and goes on cruise control. Imbalanced is like that. Balanced diet programs, research shows, have a 50% lower likelihood of weight loss.

No rabbit food required. Although they have vitamins and minerals and water and fiber, they don't accelerate fat burning and can even interfere with it.
That's the story on what ER is not.

ER opens August 4.
ER starts September 6 (4-5 week personalized-to-you program)
ER is really expensive.
15 Active Participants.
30 Auditors.

*Next ER starts Sept 6(5 week program).Dr. Heidi'sExtreme Regime Weight Control program (multi-media) begins Sept 6 (First 15 only. For omnivores only this time.)
*Dr. Heidi designedadetoxing dailywhole food multi, in case you're slow to get off the lo-cal, artificial toxic sweeteners.
*Get Dr. Heidi's free report: Did the Surgeon General Get It Wrong About Weight?
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