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Plums Help Spider Veins and More

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:35am
Eat plums for spider veins - get smarter - help digestion and maybe flush fat-packing toxins - and because they taste great!

Just one cup of plums has 248 grams of Vitamin K, more than any other fruit. This vitamin reduces the appearance of spider and varicose veins by stimulating the body's production of thrombin. In a recent study, this clotting protein was shown to obstruct blood circulation to damaged veins, causing them to shrink and fade in as little as six weeks.

Plums are rich in chlorogenic acid and neochlorogenic acid. These antioxidants fight off superoxide anion radical (a toxin by-product of a normal immune response). Shutting down this free radical halts brain-cell damage, thus safeguarding memory, enhancing reasoning skills and supporting new neuronal growth.

Plums are a top source of the natural sugar sorbitol and are packed with the insoluble fiber hemicellulose. Research shows that this healthy duo improves the digestive tract's food-shuttling efficiency, slashing heartburn and constipation risk by 36%. Bonus: Once consumed, gel-like hemicellulose fuels bloat-fighting probiotic bacteria in the large intestine, rapidly flattening the belly.

Eating plums might prevent fat accumulation in the belly, hips, and thighs. Plums are acidic and high in vitamin C, two factors that trigger bile production. This digestive fluid traps dietary fat molecules before they can be absorbed, speeding their elimination from the body. And acidic, vitamin C rich fruit helps flush fat-packing toxins from the lymphatic system.

A powdery haze on a plum, known as its bloom, indicates that the fruit has not been over handled - so it's less likely than a shiny plum to be bruised on the inside.

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