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Pine For Increased Endurance

Posted by Heather J.

For years, in-the-know endurance athletes have held special interest in pychnogenol, found in the bark of a French pine tree, because it supposedly dislodges free radicals and reduces lactic acid buildup. Pychnogenol is available as a supplement in health food stores, and is also known to help ease migraines and varicose veins. Now, two Australian entrepreneurs have added pychnogenol into a sports drink called Lact-Away, which is already being used by the Danish men's track cycling team and several AFL clubs down under. In one double-blind but unpublished study, Lact-Away helped 20 top cyclists improve their endurance in a riding-to-fatigue test by 10 to 15 percent. The drink is currently being marketed in Europe; until the sports drink makes its way to the States, you could consider seeking out pychnogenol in supplement form, or just stick to a good anti-oxidant supplement and a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.
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