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Personalized Food Plan Teaches How To Eat Real Food

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:35am
Are you are like me and want to eat right but get overwhelmed with all the new "research" saying eat this not that? There's a way to learn how to eat real food and it's not based on fads - it's the "old school" foods. Your ER personalized food plan...

We all know that pills are not enough... They might be a catalyst, and provide nutrient reserves. And that's a good thing. But a daily real food plan you can stick to, will really take your body to the next level.

Got energy? Time for your ER Personalized Food Plan?

If you're:

*Low energy, exhausted adrenals, cold hands or feet
*Digestive or elimination troubles
*Depressed, mood swings, brain fog
*Pre-pregnant, pregnant and nursing moms

Consider a daily real food plan you can stick to so you can DO the things you want.
NOT $595 or $445. WAY less.

WARNING: The Personalized Daily Real Food Program is offered by Dr. Heidi, whose incredibly effective and delightful eating programs I am shamelessly promoting because I use them all.

Here's a way to get your own daily personalized ER food plan, designed by Dr. Heidi. Depending on the group you're in above, it's directed at enabling your body to better deal with your situation.

First 10 people in each group only.

The initial consultation includes your individual biochemical and metabolic profiles.

Here's the one-time deal for your ER personalized food plan: " First 10 people in each group only."

ER personalized food plan option 1: $149.

ER personalized food plan option 2: Comes free when you buy a or 10-pack of Pops - the whole food daily Dr. Heidi designed, and which Whole Food Nation markets. ( Don't use those links to order this special. See below. )

These are designed to give you the nutrient reserves your body needs to process the industrial and junk foods that might have been put into it. A 4-pack is normally a 4 month supply, a 10-pack, 10 months. (If you take extra because you're over 200lbs, or are a super athlete, they'll go faster.)

(For this special ER Food Plan program, order through the temporary links here on Inside Whole Food Nation only!)

There will be a special call for each group (about 45-60 minutes) and a follow-up PDF (mini-ebook) with the daily ER food plan customized to you, depending on the little group you're in. (Yes, you can be in more than one group.)

Of course every suggestion is real food-based.

The initial private group call for the ER Personalized Food Plan is scheduled for Sept 27. Mini-group calls are planned for Oct 2, Oct 4 and Oct 5. You'll get an invite soon after you sign up.

First 10 people in each group only!

ER Food Plan Special info at Inside Whole Food Nation.

First 10 only in each category. If you ever wanted a taste of ER with a personal touch from Dr. Heidi, (or check this out ) here's your chance.

Thank you for reading!

When a passion guides your life, it becomes your true north.
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