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Peanuts: Rich in Antioxidants, Protect Cells from damage linked to Heart Disease and Cancer

Posted Oct 01 2008 5:07pm

Contrary to their name, peanuts are not really nuts. They are a
member of the legume family along with peas, lentils, chickpeas
and other beans. Peanuts start growing as a ground flower - but
because the peanut flower is very heavy - it bends towards the
ground and eventually pushes it’s way underground where the
peanut matures.

A University of Florida team says peanuts are rich in
antioxidants which protect cells from damage linked to heart
disease and cancer. Peanuts also contain high levels of protein
and “good” monounsaturated fat.

The US researchers tested the antioxidant content of a dozen
different varieties of peanuts. Antioxidants are the naturally
occurring substances in plants that protect the body from free
- ‘volatile’ chemicals in the blood.

Although free radicals do play an important role in the
immune system, they also alter cholesterol in a process known
as oxidation, which is thought to speed up the hardening of
the arteries

Red and orange fruits and vegetables are already known to be
particularly high in antioxidants. But the researchers found
peanuts were also high in the beneficial chemicals. They found
peanuts contain high levels of polyphenols, a family of chemicals
commonly found in foods, which have strong antioxidant

Steve Talcott of the University of Florida, who led the research,
said: “When it comes to antioxidant content, peanuts are right up
there with strawberries. We expected a fairly high antioxidant
content in peanuts, but we were a bit shocked to find that
they’re as rich in antioxidants as many kinds of fruit.”

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