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New potential supplements for cancer, flaxseed and ginseng

Posted Feb 12 2008 4:55pm 3 Comments
The National Center for Health Statistics says that Americans spend between $36 billion and $47 billion dollars each year on supplements and other alternative therapies.

Unfortunately, the action of many of these complementary medicine products just doesn't stand up to the claims made about them. In many instances uses for a particular herbal or dietary supplement are based on anecdotal evidence, evidence which hasn't been substantiated by well designed clinical studies.

Two new studies on the benefits of both flaxseed and ginseng in cancer treatment were recently reported on.

Click here to read the details.
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I tried to go to the link but it didn't work. You might find the work by Lise Alschuler of use: Alternative Medicine Magazine's Definitive Guide to Cancer and for patients Kris Carr from

This link is dead so I couldn't read the details.
Yahoo news removes their articles after awhile... not sure why, but it's annoying.
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