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Natures Nutrition

Posted Jan 27 2010 11:55am
We should all eat live whole foods to provide our bodies with the vital nutrients it needs tosustain itself. However I do believe one should also supplement with supplements. But wait a minute if you think all multi's are the same. No, you need to research and compare before you trust whats in that bottle. Most vitamins that people get from supercenters are simply synthetic versions of what our bodies need. Well the problem is that the body does not read the chemical makeup of the synthetic molecules compared to the way it takes what is provided by nature to repair and sustain itself. Great choices are powdered greens, such as whole foods, spirulina, wheat grass, barley grass, ect. There are many great natural products out there but most of them are not found in standard shoping centers. So if you want superior health the first step is switching from synthetic to natural.
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