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My wife suffering from Akathisia possible side effect of sleeping pills (Zopiclone). Any natural remedy suggestions?

Posted by Toby

Due to misdiagnosis, our GP failed to link akathisia with the medecine prescribed. We fear my wife has damaged her nervous sytstem from four months of sleeping pills. It is a rare disorder. We hope through vitamins etc. to help her nervous system recover but what would help best?
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I had a similar experience - psychotropic drugs when I was 18 from the ER and now I'm 30 and I've discovered naturopathic testing. They can detect neurotransmitter abnormalities caused by drugs, stress or genetics.

 So far I've been recommended omega3, b vitamins and zinc.  b vitamins are clinically tested as being beneficial for treating akathisia from anti-psychotics - I think it's because they support the nervous system. . and they help people just generally in times of stress.  Looking for a supplement that deals with free-radicals or something with cell-repairing properties would be good too - sorry I don't know what that would be yet,. . I still have more searching to do. . .I'm sure this site has some info on that! :)

 Good luck to you and your wife and it's really good of you to be doing this for her (I haven't had much support in that aspect). .

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