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My Vision Improved After Detox Cleanse

Posted Nov 26 2008 10:38am
I'm back on solid food after the 5 day intensive juice fast. During the five days I lost 6 pounds of toxins (even skinny people have fat, it's stored around our organs), lost 3 inches from my pot belly, lost all nicotine cravings (without use of any nicotine replacement therapy like the patch), lost all cravings for salty foods like chips.

I made an appointment to get my eyes checked because I still couldn't see well. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that my farsighted vision had improved to the point that I can go back into contact lens and just use cheap reading glasses if I need to. Wow, this was great news, no more bifocals.

Note - the only thing I did in the last month was the detox, cleanse cycle with Dr. Heidi Dulay. During this detox I quit smoking and got rid of years of toxins in nicotine, food and environmental toxins.

Pretty amazing how my vision got better when the toxins were flushed away. Since Glaucoma runs in my family I have very good reasons to be happy about my vision improving!

Check back to find out if Dr. Heidi will do another detox cycle next spring. The next ER fat burn cycle is in Jan. 09 and the detox is one of the cycles of ER fat burn.

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