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Minerals - Where They Come From Matters

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:37pm
What are vitamins and minerals, or a better question would be where do these minerals come from? Of course we know real food has more vitamins and minerals than we are even aware of so where do the ingredients in vitamin supplements come from?

We've heard all our lives that we need our daily dose of vitamins and minerals. For many of us that means popping a once-per-day pill that promises to give us all we need to be healthy. The truth is, many of those pills go right through us without ever being absorbed into our bodies. The other problem is that the source of the minerals in our pills may make a difference in whether or not the minerals are even capable of helping us nutritionally.

Why does it matter where the minerals come from? Well, the most absorbable forms of essential minerals come from food that we eat, rather than from a synthetically "mined" source because that's how the digestive system recognizes minerals. You wouldn't just go out and pick up a hunk of iron from the ground and munch on it, would you? Or toss it in the blender with your favorite smoothie? Bad for your teeth. Not to mention the flavor factor...eeewwww. But that's what some vitamin manufacturers do, in a sense.

I think Sue (she wrote this post) has touched on something most people never considered. Thank you Sue for sharing this.
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