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Menopause and Calcium

Posted Jun 04 2008 6:03pm
I was having my Martha moment, drinking tea and savoring the latest Martha Stewart magazine from cover to cover when an ad caught my eye.

"raise your hand for a drug that reduces risk of invasive breast cancer and provides osteoporosis treatment postmenopause..." there is a pic of 3 woman wrapped in sheets one of which is susan sarandon - very woo woo

hmmm ...turn the page and there is a two page spread of drug information. Some of which says things like:

*serious and life threatening side effects can occur while taking this lovely drug

*increased risk of blood clots in the legs can occur while taking this lovely drug - deep vein thrombosis, especially after you sit too long ( like on an airplane - doesn't that imply that you shouldn't ever fly anywhere again or else you might clot your legs if you are taking this lovely drug? )

*if you have had any heart concerns taking this lovely drug may increase the risk of death from a stroke...death

*common side effects include; hot flashes, leg cramps, swelling of the feet, ankles and legs, flu syndromes, joint pain, and sweating. oh and these are not all the side effects of this lovely drug it says ( but then again it doesn't tell you the others )

The marketing ploy is that by taking this drug you will make your bones stronger and less likely to break, and if you have osteoporosis and you are at high risk of breast cancer then take this lovely drug can maybe lower your will not totally get rid of your chance of getting breast cancer it says.

WHO would actually take this drug?

Do you recall in 2002 when the U.S. federal government halted the hormone trial of the Women's Health Initiative early ? a study designed to evaluate the risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy on disease prevention. The reason: Not only had HRT failed to be the protective fountain of youth doctors and women had long since believed, evidence was mounting that taking it may be harmful.

a woman's risk of breast cancer as well as heart disease, blood clots and stroke actually increased. Yikes!!

Why are new versions of this drug still on the market? This stuff completely infuriates me.

Prevention lesson number #1.

From a calcium perspective. If you take care of your body along the way - you will be less likely to become osteoporotic. We are a milk drinking nation, milk is supposed to provide us with all the calcium we need - yes? Yet, as a milk drinking nation we have the highest osteoporosis in the world. Does that tell you something?

Did you Know?

44 million americans are at risk for osteoporosis
50% of woman over 50 are at risk
78% of woman over the age of 20 get less than the 100% RDA for calcium

What can you do -

Eat Broccoli and take your calcium. Best yet, take a high quality calcium/magnesium supplement - one proven to absorb into your blood stream.

Guess what...your bones really need it.

Not all calcium products are created equal and many can not validate absorption in the body. It's one thing to have elemental calcium from nature's most concentrated and easily absorbed sources. One also needs a matrix of other nutrients to assist it's assimilation - does your current calcium have Vitamin D, Magnesium, Boron, Vitamin K, Zinc, Copper and Manganese? These additional nutrients are crucial to building healthy bones

Caltrate 600 = D has no magnesium in it and very little boron
Citrical=D has no magnesium and no boron

Prevention lesson number#2

Move it. Excercise!

A good approach includes taking your very high quality calcium and doing excersises for flexibilty

A better approach is to take your very high quality calcium and do excercises for flexibilty and add weight - bearing activities such as hiking, stair climbing and low impact aerobics - these activities will slow mineral loss in your body

The very BEST approach is to take your very high quality calcium, do excercises for flexibilty and add weight - bearing activities, plus strength - training excercises with weights. This increases bone mass and strengthens muscles.

Vitamin D has an impressive following and body of research that supports it's anti-canceer properties. Vitamin D is going to be a nutrient to watch as more and more findings appreciate the value of Vitamin D. Of course as we all avoid the sun and use sunscreens how can we get the Vitamin D we need? Supplement it!

Of course any immune system strengthening regime as well as avoidance of toxins are also cancer preventative. As it stands Cancer is in all of us at some level. Striving for a healthy lifestyle is the best cancer prevention around.

I assist women, perhaps just like you, who are seeking natural approaches to Menopause. I have hundreds of success stories. It would be my pleasure to service you. Set up a phone consultation today.
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