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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Slimful

Posted Mar 18 2013 12:00pm 1 Comment


Lucky Vitamin is happy to present a superior line of products that can help you achieve your weight-loss goals: Slimful.

Slimful is the perfect way to help you get down to a healthy weight. It’s no secret that when you eat less food, especially at dinner, you can reduce your weight. Slimful chews can help you naturally as one delicious, 90-calorie, Slimful with 8 ounces of water satisfies your stomach for hours, which tells your brain it’s full.  When you feel full it’s easier to eat less, and eating less can lead to a slimmer, trimmer you.

Slimful is also the perfect product to avoid over eating and over serving. These delicious chews are a great addition to your diet and can be perfect for “between meals” snacks, desserts, or late night snacks. With hunger out of the way you can eat less, and when you can eat less, you can lose weight easier.

Slimful works in a very simple way. Eat one tasty chew and immediately drink a glass of water. The special dietary fiber in Slimful absorbs the water and expands, comfortably filling your stomach and satisfying your hunger for hours making it a perfect addition to your weight loss program. Perhaps the best time to enjoy the benefits of Slimful is before dinner. That’s when you tend to eat the most calories, but need them the least.  Limit three Slimful chews per day at least four hours apart.

Slimful is simple. No calorie counting. No specially prepared meals. No drugs. No surgery. It helps you lose weight the simplest, surest way there is: eat less. Slimful is available in four delicious flavors: orange tangerine, very berry, honey bliss, and cocoa brownie.

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