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‘Stop taking painkillers if you want to breed vultures’

Posted Nov 11 2009 10:00pm

For thousands of years in parts of India, they've used a funeral system that relies on the sun and carrion birds to dispose of dead bodies. See here.

These ferocious birds, a kind of vulture living there for thousands of years, have almost all been poisoned of late - by the pain killer drugs found in the bodies of the dead.
"The nation-wide decline of vultures has been linked to diclofenac - a drug used in a variety of medicines including painkillers - that causes kidney failure in birds."
If the painkiller drugs in our bodies cause fatal liver failure in these big birds - animals that have been recycling dead bodies for centuries - think of what those pain killers are likely doing to YOUR body.

Life forces were created to dispose of and transform living things now dead (including our dead bodies). You know, to make room, recycle, and clean up the place for the new.
But now those clean-up crews are being fatally poisoned by our own (dead) bodies. How can the living things of earth create new, healthy life?
Are today's pain killer drugs really worth all that?
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