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Less Stress and More Focus with Supplements

Posted by fineteas2

Like a lot of you, I am extremely active both physically and mentally.   My job is demanding and I like to go out and play.   And sometimes I can just feel the stress creeping up on me and I feel like a fire cracker at a slow sizzle.    Yeah I was getting so cranky someone left a copy of "don't sweat the small stuff" on my desk.   ha! I think I threw it in the garbage.   Then about 4 months ago, I read 'wherever you go there you are' and wow, that was enlightening!   Aside from adjusting my overall attitude, I became more conscious of what I was putting in my mouth and was determined to get at least 7.5 solid sleep hours a night.   Just those simple changes in my lifestyle had such a positive effect in my overall well-being.   It was only after I read “the perricone promise that I started a vitamin regimen, Total Skin and Body Supplements 

I noticed an immediate difference in my afternoon attention span.   By about 3pm every day I was usually ready to crawl under the desk in my cubicle but after a few days, I had more energy and was more alert.  

 Ok three were some side effects like – my hair is thicker and my nails are stronger.   If you aren’t taking supplements are have tried and failed I would give these a go.   They are packaged in daily doses and are coated to make digestion easier.



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HI Tina,

im glad to hear you've discovered the amazing power of supplements. I too stay very busy both mentally (work-programmer) and physically (love sports). When i started working at an office stlye job, my body suffered the consequences, it was extremely hard for me to get back into my workouts. Luckily i began taking supplements (antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, etc) and now, i can do both with ease work and play. There are alot of resource out there on information about supplements. My favorite place for both information and to purchase my supplements is They have a wealth of information, as well as super low prices on thousands of products, not just supplements, but also beauty products, cosmetics, natural foods, etc, etc. Use this code when purchasing at iHerb and you will get %5.00 off your fisrt order.   PIZ355. try it out:

excellent product, get it for $7.00 with the disocunt code PIZ355: 

It's great to want to take supplements to be healthy. But with all the news about the dangers of products coming from over seas, I make sure all of my supplements are made in the USA. The only website I've seen that assures all of their products are Made in America is
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