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Just Say No To Junk - Fast Food, It's Not That Easy!

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:21pm
Are you a junk food junkie? I was until a little over a year ago. I knew junk food and fast food was bad for me but didn't think I was doing much harm and I could quit anytime I wanted to. I did quit because I was drinking Alka Seltzer every day, always felt too tired to play with my son and could never stay awake for more than a few minutes after my son went to bed. My husband missed me.

It has been a battle at times to say no to junk food, I still have a vice or two because I'm human.

If you've thought of how much better you would feel by changing your diet Whole Food Nation might help.

Whole Food Nation is for people who want to cut down on fast food and junk, but keep a favorite vice or two.

We don’t believe in deprivation or yukky tasting food. Yet who has time to be a gourmet chef?

We believe in gently wooing our bodies and minds, not beating them into submission – so that we’ll naturally slip into a healthier lifestyle.

Our strategies include:

Easy ways to amp up nutrition and detoxify, eg whole food multis.

Information via newspaper (Staying Alive Press) and online tidbits, eg Press Headlines and recipes.

Ways to spread the word, like sites for yakkers . (Get free Pops)

Whole Food Nation, a twinkle in three friends eye, so they began the company...

The three met and built a health supplement marketing company years ago, and they've been buds ever since - business, eating, hiking, dreaming, crying and laughing.

Visit Whole Food Nation to see what the POPS are and if they are something that would fit your needs.

Check out Dr. Heidi's ER weight control program . Next session starts September 6 - Several options to do the weight control and get POPS - good discount when you do both and an easy way to try a whole food multi. Go to Little Spa, here .

ER Auditor

ER Auditor + 2 boxes of Pops:

You are welcome to leave a comment here telling why you feel Whole Food Multis are better for health than synthetic vitamins. If you need help with this here's a free report, Are Your Vitamins Safe?

Fast Food Junkie? Simple natural detox everyday.

Did the Surgeon General Get It Wrong About Weight? Free Report

Surprise Source of Vitamin D

Thank you for reading!

When a passion guides your life, it becomes your true north.
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