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It's better to take Calcium through diet than supplements

Posted by Swati S.

To lead healthy lives, we often go in for various supplements and vitamins to add to our diet. A recent study has also shown that women who get most of their daily calcium from direct food intake have healthier bones as compared to those who get their calcium largely from tablets. One reason could be that our body is only able to absorb about 35 percent of the calcium that we take through tablets. I have got 2 young kids, and doctors also recommend that they should be given iron drops and so on. But I always feel that instead of going in for supplements, its always better to first try to eat more food that is rich in that particular mineral or vitamin. For example, instead of going in for protein supplements, maybe we can try eating a banana, which is rich in proteins. This is not to say that taking all supplements are bad, but I feel it's better to spend some time figuring out if we can get it from a food instead, and then opt for supplements. What do you think?
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I would agree with you on that!!
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