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Is Your Grocery Cart Full Of Food Or Food - Like Products?

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:37pm

The single most important thing we need to know about nutrition in the modern world is how to recognize the difference between food and food products. I'm not talking about eating only ogranic or grass fed beef. It's simply knowing what is real food verses food like products.

Once we’ve learned to make this distinction, our nutritional decision-making process will rest on a solid foundation. Most of what you find in your local grocery store will be items to make food from, not actual food.

Simply follow this basic rule for healthy shopping and eating:

Choose Food over Food-Like products.

This is Food:
Grown Produced, Messy
Variable Quality
Goes Bad Fast
Required Preparation
Vibrant Colors, Rich Textures
Authentically Flavorful
Strong Connection To Land And Culture

This is a Food-Like Product:
Produced, Manufactured
Neat, Convenient
Always The Same
Keeps Forever
Instant Results
Dull, Bland
Artificially Flavorful
No Connection To Land or Culture

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